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  Don McGregor is a Memphis/Mississippi/Arkansan son of the South. He has been playing music all his life. Never overly interested or involved in mainstream music, he has always searched out the obscure, the un-commercial, the un-championed jewels of real, unadulterated music often found on the back sides of albums, on old 78’s, or written by friends and underground heroes. He has been writing original songs since 1970 and, as all good songs must be, they are distilled from life experiences.

  Don was involved in many Memphis underground bands during the early 70’s such as Crawdad, Horse Shoe, Briarpatch, and Crawpatch, as well as later bands such as The Rhythm Hounds and Ripple. Currently recording as well as playing shows with The Bluff City Backsliders (1920’s and 30’s jump jive), Lost Dog, and the reunited Crawpatch (country/bluegrass/Grateful Dead), he continues to write, record, and perform his solo act.
The 10 tracks on this CD were culled from warm-up shows that Don performed at concerts featuring the legendary Jim Dickinson, during two separate M.A.M.A. (Memphis Acoustic Music Association) concerts held at Otherlands Coffee Bar in Memphis, TN.


Don McGregor - Live

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Songs included on the CD
Track 1; She Pawned Her
(Bob Frank)

Track 2; Before the Trash
Truck Comes
(Bob Frank and Cletus Haegert)

Track 3; She’s a Lady
(John Sebastian)

Track 4; Stripped and Peeled
(D. McGregor)

Track 5; Whiskey Blues
(D. McGregor)
Track 6; Alligator Down In My Mind
(D. McGregor)

Track 7; It’s Gone
(D. McGregor)

Track 8; Freebird
(D. McGregor)

Track 9; Blues at Christmas
(D. McGregor)

Track 10; Diddy-Wah-Hesi-
(country blues and rag medley, including verses by Furry Lewis
arranged by D. McGregor)

 “Don McGregor songs from the heart with the voice of an old soul. Probably known best for his satire, it’s the sad-lonesome sweet stuff I like. Don can gently reach out and touch a bar full of easily bored Midtowners and make them think about their Mamas. Part Willie Nelson, part Jerry Garcia, fellow purveyor of Bob Frank songs, Don also builds a hell of a fine deck.”

- James Luther Dickinson -
Independence, Mississippi



Crawpatch - Trailer Park Weekend
!!!NOW ON CD!!

We are proud to now offer the original album,
Crawpatch - Trailer Park Weekend, on CD.

  Crawpatch is a very loose group of musicians who have been playing together in different combinations for thirty years. We are an institution, and should probably be in one. This was a band that occasionally went through personnel changes. A band is a few musicians trying to play music together, but sometimes, when things go right, a band becomes something greater than the sum of its parts. Individual members come and go, but the band lives on. This was true of Crawdad and Briarpatch, and especially true of their incarnation, Crawpatch. A partial list of some of the people I have seen on stage with these bands reads like a who's who of Memphis Musicians ; Lee Baker, Jim Dickinson, Sid Selvidge, Tony Thomas, Furry Lewis, Zeke Johnson, Charles McNutt, Alex Chilton, Leo LeBlanc, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ed Finney, Chester Thayer, Les Birchfield.
  Andy Morton, Brandy Parks, Jimmy Newman, and I resurrected the band again a few years ago to keep some of the real Southern country music tradition alive. We performed for a spell under the name Lost Dog, and now have returned to calling ourselves Crawpatch. <more>


Crawpatch - Trailer Park Weekend

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