Crawpatch - Trailer Park Weekend


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We would like to thank all our friends that came out Halloween night and celebrated with us the release of the Crawpatch CD - Trailer Park Weekend. The Trailer Park Weekend CDs are here, hot off the press, and available at


State of the Union

Hmmm...  Lots of news. It's hard to know where to begin.

I think I'll start with, "Life is good".

  Life is good.
I am married now, and very happy in that. Cathy is my Heart.
I have two new wonderful children to add to my already grown ones. I am very happy with that, also. Selah and Lllah are our daily inspiration, and their laughter fills our souls with thanksgiving.

  My family and I are living in Jonesboro, AR now, and loving it.
Cathy is a professor here at ASU, and I am now doing carpentry and remodeling both here and in Memphis.
Yes, I am still making the 70+ mile drive to Memphis to work on the houses of friends and clients. I have also begun to find remodeling jobs here in the Jonesboro area. I admit, I'm a little tired of the long commute to work in Memphis, and love it when my work keeps me near home, but, if it weren't for my still working in Memphis, I think I'd hardly ever get to see my friends there. I am still very happy to be able to accept work in both areas.
Cathy and I are also in our second year of gradually re-doing our entire house here in Jonesboro.

  For carpentry, tile projects, kitchens, baths, home remodeling, additions, and home repairs in or near Memphis or Jonesboro, please contact me at

  Musically, I recently had the pleasure of performing solo at the 6th Annual Tyronza Stars & Stripes Festival in beautiful downtown Tyronza, AR under the auspices of the Southern Tenant Farmers Museum.
I am learning songs, and working on my own arrangements of John Handcox songs. John Handcox was a blues and chant styled union motivator during the early stages of the Southern Tenant Farmers Union, which was founded in Tyronza, AR in July of 1934. Its founders were a racially integrated group of tenant farmers seeking some way to deal with the harsh and unfair treatment and living conditions forced upon them by many planters.
I will be working with the Museum on several other upcoming projects, as well.

  I'm still exploring, and stretching my knowledge of the guitar. I practice at least some every day, and never fail to discover new and exciting things on it each time I pick one up. I've been playing both electric and acoustic lately. I'll always love them both.

  My other main musical instrument love is the steel guitar.
Not so much the pedal steel (though I am at present diddling with that, as well), but the non-pedal, Console Steel, Hawaiian Steel, or "electric table", as it is sometimes called. I am currently playing a mid-fifties Carvin Double 8, and in the process of building a couple of new multineck instruments. I live to slant that bar.






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